General contractor ITS

Mechanical & Electrical (M & E) is one of the two major components of a construction project (construction and mechanical). In addition to the raw construction and interior, M & E is an important and essential part. It can be said that M & E accounts for 40-60% of the total volume of the project, when M & E system is the factor that makes the building up and running.

Choosing the construction unit and mechanical design is also very important. For everything to work smoothly, not only the architecture but M & E system must also be perfect. Contractors must have the capacity to take on the role of designing and executing the M & E system of the project.

Deo Ca Group has experience in implementing many items of electromechanical systems in national key projects such as Deo Ca Tunnel, Hai Van Tunnel, Cu Mong Pass Tunnel…and fully qualified to carry out any major project.

Installation of power system at Deo Ca tunnel

Installation of monitoring system in Hai Van tunnel